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"To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will."
Sugar Ray Robinson


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When you hear the word "love" you normally think of the affection between to people who are very close. Take a moment to imagine that Love can be applied to every thing you do all day long. Like a wedding vail over you, it can act as a filter so that all information coming through it in either direction is filtered with love. Add Love to your everyday actions, add love to how you treat everyone you meet, add love to everything you speak. Can you imagine if politicians adopted this skill? The police could certainly benefit from a stance of loving every person unconditionally. Our youth, who are frustrated and hardened by the system and their enviroment could be the ones with the courage to show the rest of us that it is indeed possible to heal this city one person at a time by adopting love into all your actions and words unconditionally. You have been given everything you need to accomplish this. You are only reponsible for putting Love in your own actions and choices. When you realize the peace and happiness it brings you, show someone else the way and lead by example.

Other cities will inquire how Cincinnati has affected such a positive change and they will want to learn from us. We can be the model of positive change.



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