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Good examples of Cincinnati people on the right path




Goodwill Ambassador Arzell Papazell Nelson
Secretary General Goodwill Ambassador Arzell Nelson retired as the Executive Director of Cincinnati Human Relations Commission in 1998.During his career with the Commission,Arzell was presented the key to the City of Cincinnati by three different Mayors.The Governor George Voinovich of Ohio recognized his work by proclamation on two different occasions for civic leadership and for promoting cultural diversity. President Clinton recognized Arzell with two letters of appreciation for service rendered. He recently has started "Social Networking International" on facebook to bring together "ambassadors to help solve social problems on many levels.


Charles A. Wiley - Charles A.Wiley was selected as a 2004 Profiles In Courage Honoree(which is sponsored by 5th 3rd Bank,WCPO-Channel 9,the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati & the University of Cincinnati). His new book is a must read for all Cincinnati's He has launched a campaign titled "Increase the Peace" to promote nonviolence and making the right choices. His website is

Hamilton County Coroner Dr. O'dell Owens - "We've got too many killings," said Dr. Owens. "This has got to stop! You kids could have been killed. All these stray bullets. This has got to stop! About 80 percent of the homicide victims did not finish high school.” Here is a man that sees the true pain and suffering as he performs his very difficult job. He has been very vocal lately in calling for people to step up and do whatever is necessary to prevent further violence and killing. "Everybody wanna turn their backs on it. That's the problem. Everybody wanna turn their backs. This keeps happening. It's got to stop!"


Benjamin Price - Although Benjamin is not a well known leader or involved in politics or the community he has made self improvement a priority in his life as well as helping his family. A young man of just 26 years he has not had the formal education of most his age but he is working hard and will be getting his GED soon. He has made it thus far in life without using drugs or alcohol. He has made learning about business and making good use of his time a priority. But what Benjamin lacks in book smarts he makes up for with a big heart. He is always thinking of how to help those around him in need. Having just started his own custom jewelry business to earn some extra money, you can see his jewelry creations and offer to purchase some by clicking here. BP CUSTOM JEWELRY.


RASTA ELDERS who have had a positive influence on many:

Maurice "Red" Lynch - Negril Jamaica
Red's story is an interesting one, a desendant of the original ARAWAK indians of Jamaica and a well known Rasta Elder in the Negril area Red has hada positve influence on all he meets. He is in failing health recently and we have started a fund to help with his medical costs. To help raise money we are offering a copy of his CD that is not available anywhere else. Click his name above to learn more.





Drop us a note and a picture of those who deserve to be recognized for affecting positive change or just setting a good example in Cincinnati.



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