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This site is intended as a coming together place to empower the people of Greater Cincinnati to make a positive change for the better in all aspects of life as we know it.


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The phrase "One Love" comes from a famous song by reggae artist Bob Marley. Bob realized that LOVE was in short supply in today's world and he made it his crusade to change that. If you have ever been to Jamaica you have likely experienced the power of applying love to everything you do. Many travelers have been moved by the Jamaican people's adoption of having pure love in their heart for all peoples, no matter how different from themselves they are. One such traveler named Robert Roskind wrote about this very experience. The first titled "Rasta Heart" which is recommended reading and available at

Cincinnati is a great city and a great place to live. When you compare Cincinnati to other US cities you will find us "below average" in many categories that one might feel is important to health and happiness. It is the goal of One Love Cincinnati to open the eyes of all Tri-State residents to these shortcomings and offer solutions that you can implement every day. The goal of this site is to educate and offer new ideas that will improve your own quality of life and the quality of the whole earth as well. One by one we can help Cincinnati to be the healthy and happy place to live that we all know it can be. Perhaps we can do it well enough that the rest of the country takes notice. It will take some open mindedness on your part, and a questioning of what has become the "status quo".

LOVE - It all starts here. Love is the one ingredient that can fix so many of todays problems. It's as simple as letting love be part of every decision you make.

HEALTH - We start with health because without it, it is very difficult to focus on helping others. You will learn here how profits of big corporations have led us to the terrible health problems we now see every day and have come to believe are a "normal" part of aging or just an unlucky break.

ATTITUDE - Every waking moment you can control the attitude of your being. Here are some ideas to insure you and your family have your attitude in the right place every day.

LEADERSHIP - We can help guide our local and state government, civic, and religious leaders to make changes for the betterment of our communities. Sometimes they have to be encouraged to act on what is truly important to the people of this great city and not what is the agenda of big business or "people of power".

PRO-ACTIVITY - It's easy to say change is needed but it's more difficult to get out and affect change. Here are some ideas on how to get you involved.

IMAGE - Our city has had some bad press coverage in recent years. We need to all work together to insure that our city is portrayed fairly, accurately and in a positive light. Here are some ideas to help get Cincinnati's image back in the positive.

LOVE - Nothing can solve the worlds problems faster than including Love in every decision.

EVENTS - Only good positive events listed here that work to bring people of all walks of life together.


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This site last updated 1/29/11 some sections need major updates especially on health areas... soon come.




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